Much Media Design is a specialist in web design, website programming, database and web development, search engine optimisation (SEO) , web marketing, content management, e-commerce and mobile sites. As an innovative web design company we help businesses of all sizes by developing creative, effective websites on the one hand, and Internet strategies, web marketing and search engine optimisation solutions on the other. We work closely with you, turning your website into a powerful business asset, boosting visitors numbers, increasing sales and raising your company's profile. Much Media Design works as your partner on the Internet, has an implicit understanding that our success is related to your success, and that helping you build your business is our first priority.

MuchMedia Design

Much Media Design is a website design, web development, online marketing and Internet services provider and consultant. We manage many websites in virtually all fields imaginable. Our excellent online marketing services not only achieves amazing results for our clients, including top positions in Google, but immense improvements in visitors to their websites.

Unlike most of our competitors, Much Media Design prides itself in taking our partnership with our clients very seriously, this close ongoing relationship has proven time and again to be the key to their online success. We maintain a dedicated team knowledgeable in every Internet field. Unlike some of our competitors who hire contractors, we do not, because the service provided does not meet our high standards. As a result we can be less expensive than other web companies, all the while providing our customers with sound and exceptional service.

Things We Do

Web Design

Much Media Design skilled and experienced Web Designers can virtually design anything you need, which includes but no only restricted to Website Design. Our creative designers cover a wide range of design styles, and with their firm understanding of your taste, can create your vision.

Web Programming

We at Much Media Design have our own programming team with years of experience in the leading coding languages. We do our own web and website programming, and have developed a wide range of web applications, which is unparalleled, enabling us to make the most functional website for you.

Web Marketing

Online marketing your site on the Internet is paramount. Having a website designed and built doesn't mean you can be found or memorable. We at much Media Design have a wide range of options at hand, including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click, affiliate advertising, blogs, Google Base, Facebook, Twitter, the list is unceasing. We will work with you, helping you with realistic or affordable options, to achieve success and to attain your online marketing goals.

Mobile Sites

Most websites do not fit properly on a smart phone, the text is illegible and the buttons are too small. Much Media Design, designs artistic, functional mobile websites that are adaptable to every mobile device. We build Mobile Websites with real experience of the challenges in building mobile websites. We know how to make your site look amazing when its on a smart phone or the palm of your client's hand. We have gained meaningful knowledge in converting a regular website into a mobile one, and sorting out the important stuff that goes onto it.

Website Maintenance

An active business website needs to be maintained on a regular basis, with the fast pace of change in technology, Much Media Design can assist you by effectively keeping your site as updated as possible. We offer individual website maintenance packages that guarantee your updates are done in a timely fashion.

Graphic Design

By grasping the role graphic design plays, we help you attain your goals and budgets. Much Media Design can offer crafted design solutions that exceed your expectations.


We at Much Media Design not only produce an E Commerce site that will enhance your products and your Corporate identity, but also be consistent with your website. We can provide you with more than just a design, and save you considerable, time, frustration and money. If you feel this is the direction in which to move your business, contact Much Media Design.

Our Services

Much Media Design provides a full Internet service not only a website designer but in a sense, partnering for success. It is explicit that our clients' Internet prosperity depends on our capability to supply them with ongoing sensitivity and dependable service whenever needed.

We do and can offer in-depth range of services, whether it be website programming, domain names, hosting, managed hosting, e-commerce, mobile adaptable sites, real time customer support. Much Media Design is there to meet all your online needs with our own in house staff.

  • Web Design
  • Website Programming
  • Database and Web Development
  • E-commerce
  • Web Marketing
  • Web Redesign
  • Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile Adaptable Sites
  • Hosting-Domain Registration Managed Web Hosting
  • Management and Domain Renewal


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